Best CSS Practices for Beginners

  • Use the Right Doctype
  • Make it Readable
  • Keep it Consistent

  • Start with a Framework
  • Use a Reset
  • Organize the Stylesheet with a Top-down Structure
  • Combine Elements
  • Create Your HTML First
  • Use Multiple Classes
  • Understand the Difference Between Block vs. Inline Elements
  • Alphabetize your Properties
  • Use CSS Compressors
  • Make Use of Generic Classes
  • Use “Margin: 0 auto” to Center Layouts
  • Don’t Just Wrap a DIV Around It
  • Use Absolute Positioning Sparingly
  • Use Text-transform
  • Validate Your CSS and XHTML
  • Don’t Underestimate the List
  • Avoid Extra Selectors
  • Add Margins and Padding to All
  • Use Multiple Style sheets
  • Check for Closed Elements First When Debugging
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